Election Supervisor Blames Ballot Snafu on Computer Error


Media Trackers has confirmed inconsistencies with the mail-in balloting process in interviews with both Yellowstone and Broadwater county officials. Officials in the Yellowstone County Elections office confirmed that they have received numerous calls reporting errors with mail-in ballots. Over a dozen Billings-area voters have complained that they received the wrong party’s primary ballot in the mail. The elections office stated that they had sent new ballots to those who requested them, and that the problems are being taken care of as they arise.

Broadwater County Elections Officer Rhonda Nelson told Media Trackers that the county experienced a “computer glitch with the software vendor” which resulted in numerous ballot anomalies. When pressed however, Nelson seemed to contradict herself, stating, “This happened because I was in the hospital the day the ballots were approved and while my deputy was watching things, it was one less set of eyes on the process.”

Nelson expressed her confidence in the integrity of the mail-in system and vowed to “personally call everyone who received a bad ballot and let them know they will be getting correct ballots.”

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